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We Can Help With That Funding Recipients

Congratulations to our We Can Help With That funding recipients who continue to do outstanding things in our community.

Thank you for your contribution to our community!

2020 Funding Round 2 Recipients

Pukenui Western Hills Forest Charitable Trust

Pukenui Western Hills Forest Charitable Trust are passionate about preserving native forest and wildlife in and around Whangarei.

The area known as Pukenui Forest, or Western Hills, is a dominant feature and treasure of the people and city of Whangarei. The eastern fringes of the forest are bounded by the edge of the city itself – from Maunu in the South to Western Hills Drive and Kamo in the North.⁠  It is a relatively large area of native (temperate) lowland broadleaf forest, a type of habitat now rare in New Zealand. It is known to contain a number of threatened species, including long-tailed bat, North Island brown kiwi and New Zealand wood pigeon.

We were proud to provide Pukenui Western Hills Forest Trust with funding for new trail cameras so they can continue their work preserving native forest and wildlife and asking everyone to be advocates for our kiwi.

North Coast Board Riders Club

The North Cost Board Riders Club approached us for funding to purchase a defibrilator lock box – so that they could make their defibrilator accessible to their community. Housed on the external wall of their Sandy Bay club rooms tourists and the rural community alike are now able to access to unit. Being in an isolated, rural location means it can take longer for emergency services to arrive, so having access to the defibrilator now means more immediate action can be taken in the event of an emergency.  We felt this purchase added value to an already vibrant and busy community and tourist destination – prioritising the safety on all those who live in and visit this coastal community.

Established in 1978 the North Coast Board Riders Club supported and assisted local surfers in realising their full potential while promoting sustainability and community through club activitities. The club regularly host beach clean-ups, dune preservation initiatives and planting days to help preserve their ‘playground’ – demonstrating a high level of commitment to the community and the environment.

Whau Valley School

Whau Valley School is a decile 2 school filled with fabulous, friendly and fun-filled tamariki who love to learn. After their library was decommissioned and converted to classrooms, teachers, support staff, families and the community rallied together, with the help of Ministry of Education, and have work tirelessly to reinstate the school’s library and create a multi-purpose environment of which they are proud.

You will see teachers, children, friends and families sharing the newly designed space. With big plans ahead, and so many needs to be met, the school approached us for supplementary funding to purchase a new computer (replacing their only existing computer – a single obsolete model) to ensure the space becomes an even more useful, valuable and accessible information hub for their staff, tamaraki and whanau. The new computer will be used for educational activities, community outreach efforts and enhancement of the space where children can be creative and imaginative in their use of technology.

2020 Funding Round 1 Recipients

Northland Arts Centre

Whangarei’s only casual and respite arts facility the Northland Arts Centre is a local not for profit organisation dedicated to bringing healing through arts and positive influence. Their fully qualified teachers are experts at delivering clear, simple lessons with big impact – and aim at building community and connections through art.

Art and creativity is proven to be an effective outlet for self-expression and healing, and the Centre approached us to support them in rolling out a unique program for those suffering grief, mental health or poverty.

Art has long provided a way for humans to work through the tricky ebbs and flows of life and offers creative relief in trying times. Julia Tapp who runs the Centre uses the power of art therapy to help those under her care: building a sense of well-being and function in day-to-day living without any expectation or pressure to achieve perfection, and allowing people to change their outlook and find some respite.

Manaia View School

Manaia View School is a decile 1 school in Raumaunga who strive for educational success for all. They pride themselves on providing as many opportunities for their students as possible, but they struggle to fund all the tools that they feel necessary to best enhance learning. The school already work hard to ensure that all students have equitable access to learning tools and that any funding shortfalls come at no cost to other areas, nor fall on teachers to fundraise to ensure student needs are met.

The School’s digital learning programmes have contributed significantly to raising achievement by increasing student engagement and providing a range of learning activities that cater to individual needs. However insufficient funding meant they were unable to fund digital learning programmes in Maths to their year 4-6 students.Their application to us was made to us with the goal of raising student achievement using a motivational tool called ‘Mathletics’ that has proven to engage learners in what can often be a challenging subject.  A highly motivating tool for student learning Mathletics has been run with great success for their older students – giving teachers the ability to closely monitor student progress and set individual pathways in an engaging format.

Developing key knowledge of mathematical fundamentals at an earlier age has proven to equate to greater progress further on as students start look at more complex mathematical concepts.  Thought the purchase of additional online subscriptions the school can now expand this program to benefit their younger students who struggle with the subject, and maximise learning opportunities for all.

2019 Funding Round 2 Recipients

Tiaho Trust

The only event of it’s kind in Whangarei, the Tiaho Trust’s Ruakaka Surf Day ‘Surfs Up’ event, gives disabled youths and adults an opportunity to catch a wave in a fun, safe environment. In order to keep this event free for participants, the Tiaho Trust approached us for funding for this unique event that brings enabled and disabled people together to learn from each other. Through events such as these the Tiaho work to promote the disabled community as valued citizens who contribute, participate and add to the diversity of New Zealand society.

Tiaho Trust aims to significantly contribute to the New Zealand Disability Strategy’s vision of ‘A society that highly values the lives and continually enhances the full participation of disabled people’ by positioning themselves as the leading proactive disability led organisation in Tai Tokerau from which the community can obtain expert advice and support.

SPCA Whangarei

Urgently needing assistance in the lead-up to ‘kitten season’, the Whangarei SPCA approached us for funding for their Foster Kitten Packs. The funds are being used purchase the basic items needed for a kitten’s placement with foster families – before they return to the centre for adoption. Foster families volunteering to take animals into their care are the backbone of the SPCA’s ability to rehome so many abandoned, neglected, abused and orphaned animals. In addition to the hundreds of animals in SPCA centres across New Zealand, thousands more are being cared for in foster homes.

The SPCA helps protect over 40,000 animals in New Zealand every year. Animals who are sick, injured, abused or simply abandoned. Over 800 cats and kittens are adopted out of the Whangarei Centre each year, but unfortunately many of the animals that come into the Whangarei Centre need extra treatment, and/or socialisation before finding their forever home which places extra stress on funding.

Hatea Lions Club of Whangarei

The Whangarei Hatea Lions regularly donate their time to the successful ‘Summer Safe Carparks’ programme coordinated by Whangarei District Council under the City Safe umbrella and supported by the New Zealand Police, and a range of dedicated local community organisations.  Since December 2010, carpark ambassadors have been looking after car parks near popular beaches and reserves throughout the busy summer period with the aim of preventing theft from vehicles parked at popular tourist spots to create a positive experience for carpark visitors, and has proven to be an invaluable contribution towards ensuring a safe district with no vehicle crime committed in those areas whilst the ambassadors were on duty.

As Summer Safe Carpark ambassadors, the Whangarei Hatea Lions Club volunteers not only ensure that public carparks are clean, and will report on any vandalism, maintenance issues or suspicious behavior, but also offer assistance and advice – ensuring a positive experience for all visitors. Patrolling for hours in the hot summer conditions, the club wanted to ensure that their own volunteers were well protected from the sun – and we were only too happy to help with the funds needed for Cancer Society Approved hats for their volunteers who regularly roll up their sleeves to help the community.

Lions are ordinary men, women and young people from all walks of life who are united in their desire to make a difference by contributing their time and talents to help other people.

Northwave Swim Club

Committed to giving swimmers the opportunity to enjoy their sport and reach their goals, the Northwave Swim Club approached us to assist them with pool lane hire fees over the summer period. This support means their swimmers can train six days per week under the guidance of two experienced coaches as they train for a series of local and national events.

A well established club, with experienced coaches, their swimmers have proven that you don’t have to move to a big city to be competitive at a high level.

2019 Funding Round 1 Recipients

Forget Me Not Adult Day Centre (Northland Disabled Charitable Trust)

The Centre provides a day care service for adults of all ages including those who are young with disabilities, the elderly and frail, those with memory loss, head injuries and/ or other disabilities. With a focus on inclusion and engagement, The centre strive to provide quality care that enhances the welfare not only of the clients but also of the carers and families and provide a range of activities for their clients to enjoy – including running regular art classes.  These classes encourage the development of fine motor skills, mental stimulation and a sense of achievement, and with so many wanting to develop their art skills we have provided additional art supplies to support this program.

Opuawhanga Tennis Inc

Opuawhanga Tennis Club is committed to providing a healthy and safe place for local families to exercise and meet and have been an integral part of the local community for over 80 years. They strive to make tennis accessible to all in their communities so rely on fundraising, donations and external funding to keep subs low. Their members have also worked hard on making grants stretch by volunteering their own time to reduce maintenance and labour costs. New nets were needed for their recently resurfaced tennis courts, and we were delighted to assist them with this.

Hukerenui School – Room 7 Quarry Arts Centre Excursion

When Jodie wanted to take her class on an artistic adventure and experience education outside of the classroom she approached We Can Help With That for funding. Knowing that the tools and equipment are not always available through school resources, that the course costs may be prohibitive for some parents, and being tactile sensitive herself she and her students put together a stunning proposal to attend The Quarry Arts Centre’s Art Discovers Program – a visual education program to inspire and educate the next generation of artists.  We were happy to see these students had a wonderful experience and opportunity to experience art and, learning from them and sharing skills.

Raurimu Avenue School

The Raurimu Avenue School were seeking support for their Ohua ki Raurimu festival – an annual celebration of performing arts which involves invitational performance groups from Primary Schools within Whangarei.  A small school of only 75 students, they proudly host this non-competitive event which celebrates schools, whanau and communities and the performing arts – whilst giving students the opportunity to shine.  We Can Help With That provided funding for the equipment necessary to host and run this event.

Bike Northland

Bike Northland provide cycle skills training to school children around Whangarei. Their program is delivered free to schools, and while they receive funding to deliver the course, this does not cover the associated equipment needed. By providing funding to their program, We Can Help With That wish to ensure that all students have access to the equipment they need to learn how to ride ina fun and safe way – and hope these skills will promote confidence and healthy active lifestyles.

Bream Bay Community Patrol

The Bream Bay Community Patrol approached us to provide a simple upgrade to vital safety equipment needed to control traffic at road accident scenes and provide safety for passing motorists which we purchased for them.

Coastguard Tutukaka 

Coastguard Tutukaka operate from Bream head to Whangaruru and out beyond the Poor Knights Islands which is is a growing destination for recreational water activities and they are experiencing increased demand from personal recreational craft requiring their services. Their team of volunteers pride themselves on providing a professional service, and they were last year recognised as Coastguard Northland’s Unit of the Year.  Their team were seeking a signage upgrade to provide higher visibility to water users and important emergency contact information – while acknowledging their employees, volunteers and other supporters who allow them to continue provide their core service, Saving Lives at Sea.  Despite receiving some national funding, a considerable amount of local funding is still required for their operations.

Whangarei Steam & Model Railway Club

The Whangarei Steam & Model Railway Club operates at Heritage Park, Maunu.  Incorporated in 1978 for the purpose of acquiring, preserving, and operating vintage steam and diesel trains for the education and enjoyment of club members and the general public, the railway operates monthly and on special occasions over its own 0.8 kilometer main track.  Operated throughout its existence by volunteers, who ensure the safe operation and maintenance of the railway, about 5000 hours of voluntary labour per year goes into the operation and maintenance of the railway.  While the railway has received funding for capital works projects they largely pay their way by charging the public for rides. Members are currently working to complete the restoration of their second 1924 tram – which involves the replacement of all woodwork and engine refurbishment. Needing tools to complete this work, as well as ongoing maintenance We Can Help With That has provided them funding for additional tools to ensure patrons will be able to enjoy and ride safely on restored heritage vehicles.

Whangarei Toy Library (Regent Community Trust)

Whangarei Community Toy Library provides an affordable toy lending service to Whangarei families. Over 200 families are active members with an average attendance of 25-30 families per day. The library makes it possible for every family to experience quality play though an up to date and extensive selection of toys and equipment. Wanting to ensure the safety of their staff, volunteers and patrons they approached We Can Help With That for funding to upgrade their signage and we were only too happy to help

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