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International Customer Satisfaction Winners

By Admin Whangarei

Ray White’s commitment to customer satisfaction was again in the industry spotlight, as Ray White Whangarei accepted the Customer Satisfaction Award at the annual Ray White International Awards.

The Whangarei team was given the highly regarded accolade in recognition of continued dedication to their clients and as a reward for their leadership in customer service in 2016. The team’s service has been ranked in the top one per cent in all of Ray White, by their own customers.

“Customer loyalty is deeply embedded in the culture of Ray White, and as a team, we are passionate about providing superior customer experience to every client. Having a customer satisfaction program in place as part of our strategy ensures that every person presents an opportunity for improvement and growth. We want to make sure that Ray White Whangarei is providing an unrivalled service at every step of the process.

‘Recognition for our commitment to customer satisfaction is an honour – it is without question the most important part of the service we provide.” Vanessa McKenzie, Director of Ray White Whangarei said.

“To be named one of Ray White’s top ten offices internationally (from 1000 offices, over 11,500 team members, in over 10 countries) is a true honour. At the end of the day, our agents are dedicated to delivering the very best service to their customers. That’s our biggest success.” adds John Monteith, fellow Director.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) forms the basis of Ray White’s Customer Satisfaction Program and is an internationally recognised customer loyalty metric. The formulation of NPS scores is based on customer feedback and ranges from negative 100 to positive 100.

Ray White’s commitment to delivering the country’s leading customer service is evident in the group’s achievement of a ‘world class score’ of 78 for three consecutive years.

Ray White Whangarei’s NPS ranking sits at positive 89, one of the highest scores in the group. (This included 176 perfect ten scores for the team.)

Ray White Director, Dan White, said the award was an example of the drive for excellence in the group.

“We have seen a remarkable increase in engagement by both our members and clients in our customer satisfaction program this year. The benchmark to achieve recognition in our international customer satisfaction awards continues to rise.

“To our award winning offices, this recognises the dedication and hard work of everyone in your team to deliver the finest and most comprehensive experience for your clients. The leaders of these offices have created an outstanding environment in which everyone is deeply committed to the remarkable work they are doing for their clients,” Mr White said.

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