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Iconic Rainbow Bach – A pot of gold for one Northland family

By Admin Whangarei

A young Whangarei family have bought themselves a slice of Kiwiana on Northland’s spectacular Tutukaka Coast.

Kiwi baches opposite the estuary and along Ngunguru Road are becoming as rare as hens teeth – so it’s no surprise there was plenty of interest when Tutukaka’s iconic Rainbow Bach came on the market in April this year.

Listed with local Agent, Alan Dowsett from Ray White Tutukaka the property went to market using Ray White Tutukaka’s unique advanced online marketing campaigns – which saw it yield over 130,000 digital impressions (across Google, Facebook, One Roof and key property websites) plus hundreds of comments and shares across the company’s social media and Google platforms during the marketing campaign – interest was so intense that it reached over 7,000 people in the first few days alone. TradeMe and Stuff both picked up on public interest too – running their own articles and online campaigns around the property.

It is the first time the property had been on the market in over 68 years after five generations of family had enjoyed the bach. First built by the vendors grandfather in the early 1950s the property was only ever meant to be a temporary wooden shanty (before the day permits were needed), but over the years additions (2 bedrooms, plus a second floor) were added… using sand from the beach infront of the home) with major work ceasing around 1960.

Unlike most Kiwi baches, this local landmark didn’t become famous for it’s prime waterfront position, but for the bold rainbow mural painted on it’s exterior.

Partly inspired by the design of Pat Hanly’s work on the newly built Christchurch Town Hall at the time, the mural was first painted by the family’s resident artist in the winter on 1974 – while residing in the property to save up for their own home.

“Judging by the online comments and other feedback received it would seem that locals have become far more accepting of the design, and concerned for the building’s future – with many worried that out of town developers would come in and bowl the iconic structure.” said listing agent Alan Dowsett. “Back in the day locals were upset about the mural because they thought it looked ugly.”

So what then is the future for the Rainbow Bach?

“We won’t be able to afford to do much for a while” say the new owners… but intend to use the bach for weekend and mid-week family escapes. We have our second child on the way (any day now) … and have delayed settlement until the baby is born – at which point we plan on heading out there with the whole family (including the dog) and assessing what needs to be done.”

With a hand dug well, still supplying water to the 3 plus bedroom bach, asbestos and a few other issues, the property certainly needs some work in the short term. But the new owners, who have been looking in the area for over 18 months now, remain positive.

“We wanted something fairly close to home. Our toddler is young and doesn’t travel well for long distances. We wanted something within a short drive, but which still provided us the feeling of “getting away from it all” – It’s a half hour drive for home, and hopefully manageable with a 2 year old and baby on the way. Ultimately we look forward to walking the kids up to the park and along the beach, watching the boats in the estuary and just having some family time together. Chris might have to wait a little longer now to get a boat – but we see the purchase as an investment in the family’s future… It’s a shame that coastal property prices are becoming out of reach for so many – while we are stretched we are definitely fortunate to be able to buy the bach for our family as an investment for years to come.”

“While the traditional winter slowdown has hit the Northland coastal market, in terms of sales numbers, we are seeing prices across our region remaining steady as we head into the traditionally busier summer months.” says Alan.

While the sale price has not yet been released, the bach had a CV of $450,00 with advertising outlining that vendors were seeking interest upwards of $700,000.

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