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Education Foundation Scholarships

The Ray White Allens Education Foundation has now closed.

The Ray White Allens Education Foundation was an approved charitable trust offering annual scholarships to Northland youth who demonstrated a passion for excellence and were looking to achieve their career goals through further education and training. The trust was established by the Ray White team in 2006 to encourage and assist young Northlanders who are aspiring to be the best they can be, and officially closed in 2019.

Since 1998, our team have continually strived to provide Whangarei a real estate experience like no other. Throughout this time we have also participated in, and actively supported the community, beyond the traditional role of a real estate agency – fostering a spirit of community involvement. We are dedicated to facilitating opportunities for positive change in our communities. It is from this passion, and following on from the success of our scholarship program (which saw us give away more than $124,000 in scholarships to over 92 young Northlanders) that the concept of the We Can Help With That program emerged.

We Can Help With That is a community fund to provide assistance to a broad cross-section of worthy charitable entities, schools, community groups, causes and individuals throughout the Whangarei District.

We are dedicated to seeing our local communities develop by investing in people, places and participation. Through our We Can Help With That program we are committed to supporting increased access to opportunities for the Whangarei community, a thriving environment, cohesive communities and thriving families across generations.

With a vision of creating a community of active people, resilient communities and sustainable environments we now support projects that focus on:

  • Participation – Initiatives that grow community engagement through education and participation in artistic, cultural, recreational and sporting activities.
  • People – Initiatives that develop our people and their communities, particularly our most vulnerable. Including the advancement of and employment skills development, with particular emphasis on children.
  • Places – Initiatives that protect, preserve and enhance our natural and physical environments.

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