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Team Zoltan and Devon

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Effective negotiators, Zoltan and Devon have a positive attitude, they are good listeners and will go the extra mile to make your transaction as smooth and efficient as possible. Zoltan and Devon systematically built a stellar team to market and sell homes. Their career in real estate is an example of having client interests at heart.

Zoltan was born in Hungary, and moved to New Zealand in early 2008 with his wife Ingrid and three young children. He is a family man and in his spare time you will often find him on the boat, somewhere in nature or in the kitchen where he pursues his love for cooking. With many years in hospitality and living around the world, Zoltan is a seasoned professional, understanding and empathising with people from all walks of life.  This passionate foodie loves exploring cuisine and is curious to try new things in the kitchen, experimenting with flavours and thinking outside the box to produce an exciting dish.

Equally as enthusiastic in his real estate career, Zoltan works the same way to accomplish optimum results for his clients.  There are no secret ingredients in his recipe for success - knowledge, commitment, a positive attitude and a love for negotiating are just the start. 

Devon moved to Whangarei from South Africa in 2003.  With a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accountancy and Business Management, he spent a number of years in Whangarei before moving down to Taranaki to pursue his business interests.  Now an experienced business owner, and with a New Zealand hardware awards young achiever and building supplies branch of the year award, he has moved back to Whangarei to enjoy the beauty of the sun, sand and additional benefits of being closer to family and friends. Devon’s business experience gives him excellent insight into the power of communication and relationship development.  He knows how important dedication, focus and planning are in completing a sale. He has a sound knowledge of building supplies and knows how teamwork and collaboration can bring together a deal to maximise its potential. Devon and his young family have owned and sold a good few houses over the years.

A wealth of knowledge, decades of sales experience and proven results see most of their clients telling friends and family to ‘speak to Zoltan and Devon they’ll sort it’.  The team has a keen eye for detail, will always look outside the square and is honest and transparent with their clients who have an underlying trust that Team Zoltan & Devon will get the job done without compromising themselves or their client’s integrity.  

Their achievements in the past years are not to be taken lightly - and neither are your real estate needs.  If you are looking for a real estate professional with a commitment to being the best of the best then don’t settle for anything less than Team Zoltan & Devon

Contact them for advice and assistance with your real estate requirements today.

Zoltan's Achievements:

  • Ray White Premier Performer 2022
  • Ray White Elite Member 2020/21
  • Ray White Whangarei Auction Marketer of the Year 2021
  • Ray White Whangarei Supreme Service Award 2021
  • Ray White Premier Performer 2020
  • Ray White Whangarei Supreme Service Award 2020
  • Ray White Whangarei Auction Marketer of the Year 2020
  • Ray White Premier Performer 2019
  • Ray White Whangarei Salesperson of the Year 2019 - Second
  • Ray White Whangarei Most Improved Salesperson of the Year 2019
  • Ray White Whangarei Auction Marketer of the Year 2019 
  • Ray White Elite Member 2017/18 (Top 2% of International Agents)
  • Ray White Northland Zone No1 Sales Turnover Jan - Jun 2018
  • Ray White Northland Zone Customer Experience Award  Jan - Jun 2018
  • Ray White Whangarei Salesperson of the Year 2017 - Second
  • Ray White Whangarei Supreme Service Award 2017
  • Loan Market Award 2017
  • Ray White Premier Performer 2017

Devon's Achievements:

  • Ray White Premier Performer 2022
  • Ray White Elite Member 2020/21
  • Ray White Whangarei Auction Marketer of the Year 2020/21 
  • Ray White Whangarei Business Growth 2020/21 - Third
  • Ray White New Zealand Premier Member 2019/20
  • Ray White Whangarei Team Player of the Year (Sales) 2019/20
  • Ray White Whangarei Rookie of the Year 2019/20
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