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Tania is not just a licensed real estate agent but a seasoned property enthusiast with a lifelong passion for real estate.

Purchasing her first property at 19 marked the start of her journey, during which she has owned various homes and investment properties, gaining invaluable insights into property transactions and the needs of buyers and sellers.

With over 35 years of self-employment experience, Tania’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident. Prior to her real estate career, she successfully managed her own businesses, showcasing her meticulous attention to detail honed through her background in bookkeeping. Her love for systems and processes has led her to develop streamlined approaches, ensuring every client’s experience is smooth and tailored to their unique needs.

Client satisfaction remains paramount to Tania, with trust serving as the foundation of her success. Her energy, attention to detail, and strong organisational skills guarantee that every client and property receives the highest level of service.

Offering a well-rounded, comprehensive approach beyond the sale, Tania’s unique blend of real estate expertise, construction knowledge, and business acumen makes her the go-to person for a seamless property sales experience in Whangarei.

Your dreams, her expertise: a winning combination in the world of Whangarei real estate.

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