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Sergey Gimranov

Property Management

Sergey brings a wealth of practical experience to our busy property management team with a robust background in both property management and the legal professions. He is experienced in managing various types of properties, including residential and commercial, and is skilled in tenant screening, lease negotiations, property maintenance, rent collection, and conflict resolution.

Sergey’s background equips him with the knowledge and expertise necessary to navigate the complex legal frameworks and regulations governing property management.  He holds a New Zealand Certificate in Rental Property Management, Graduate Diploma in Commerce (Commercial Law) from the University of Auckland, Graduate Diploma in NZ Immigration Advice from Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology, overseas Bachelor of Law qualification, and has a solid legal professional background.  

His commercial law specialisation allows him to address complex legal issues pertaining to rental agreements, landlord-tenant disputes, compliance with local housing regulations, and other legal aspects of property management. Sergey’s understanding of the legal landscape ensures that your investment is well protected and aligned with the appropriate legal requirements.

With his unique skillset, Sergey is well equipped to provide a comprehensive and professional approach to managing your property investments. You can trust him to handle your property with the utmost care and expertise, ensuring optimal returns and peace of mind.