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Coming from a lineage of real estate professionals, Keighley's knowledge and familiarity with the industry is evident - and it's no surprise that she purchased her first home at the age of 22.

Keighley became part of the Ray White family in 2022. She seamlessly integrated into our team and has supported Fiona Fraser behind the scenes for several years before obtaining her real estate sales license. Propelled by a commitment to delivering results and an unwavering dedication to ensuring client satisfaction she has transitioned from our support team to a now equally valued member of our sales team.

Her diverse skill set, spanning design, administration and people management, enriches her team's capabilities. Known for her precision and dedication to delivering the best possible results, she works alongside Fiona leveraging her exceptional customer service aptitude and meticulous attention to detail.

Outside of work, Keighley indulges in her passions for camping, fishing, golf, soccer, and staying active with crossfit. She fully embraces the vibrant lifestyle offered by Northland.