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Justin Cho조정도

Sales Associate to Thomas Reil


I am professional, steadfastly committed to my clients, and a proud member of Ray White Whangarei. I moved to New Zealand from Korea in 2002 and am multi-talented, being a professional photographer and IT specialist, both of which are of benefit to the team when it comes to property presentation and marketing.

As your real estate advocate, I will help you buy and sell property with confidence and in-depth measured resources. I will not only sell your lovely property or search for your dream property, I will also guide you through the entire process including helping with due diligence and negotiation on your behalf, to achieve the best result.

I have a high work ethic and focus completely on my clients to ensure that the process, whether it be buying or selling, is as smooth as can be. I am understanding and patient even with the most indecisive buyers. My analytical character, experience and well-researched market knowledge saves clients time, money and stress. I have a passion for providing excellent service.

Team Thomas Reil - Doing real estate business the smart way!

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