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Janet Watters

Personal Assistant and Sales Room Support


Janet left New Zealand in 1994 for the typical antipodean two year “OE" ... 8½ years later she finally made it back to these shores.

During that time she worked in a wide variety of jobs, including four years in the Western Highlands of Scotland managing the ‘Remotest Pub in Mainland Britain (Guinness Records 1996)', and being the first ever female pilot of a historic North Devon ferry.

A highlight of her time abroad was 6 months spent travelling west to east through Africa. However, the best thing that ever happened during her travels was meeting her ‘Scottish Souvenir’, now her husband, Ross.

On returning to NZ Janet worked as Service Co-ordinator for a local recruitment company before taking on her role as Allens Receptionist in December 2003. She left in 2005 to have her first daughter, Rachel, and again in 2006 for another daughter, Kate. She promises that she’s now back for good!

For all her travels Janet still thinks that being a Mum is the best adventure yet.