Heather Udy

PA to Chris Hannam

Heather aligned with Chris in September 2016, creating the Whangarei Heads Team, and bringing her four years’ experience as a Licensee Salesperson and many more in office and administration management, along with design, fashion retail, and party planning.

With excellent communication skills and a friendly disposition, Heather relates and connects well to people of all ages cultures and backgrounds. She is naturally a conscientious, caring, very genuine person who is always enthusiastic and cheerful. Her ability to adapt to new challenging situations as they arise and resolving client’s problems sets her apart.

Utilising her eye for detail, innovation and organisation skills she can take charge of the entire experience from creative design, script copy writing, administration and conveyancing, along with sales support, and she handles this role with precision and passion.

Heather develops strong trusted relationships earned through genuine respect, is always there to listen and explain the process to you in detail throughout your property transactions – becoming, the liaison point for clients and foundation of the team.