Geraldine Edwards

Licensee Salesperson

Geraldine works with her daughter, Lisa Gray, who provide an effective real estate team with sound and comprehensive knowledge of the Whangarei real estate market.  Together they market themselves as:  "Two Generations: A Winning Combination" and with their combined experience of over 32 years in the industry have effected sales totalling many millions of dollars.  It gives them great pleasure that a large percentage of their business comes from repeat clients, customers, and referrals - and that many of their clients too have become good friends with the pair.  People are clearly important to Geraldine and Lisa.

Geraldine's legal background and proven sales record ensure she is well qualified to meet her clients needs. She believes that communication, sensitivity and enthusiasm are essential for a succesful transaction and works to the best of her ability to ensure as little stress as possible.

Geraldine takes pride in providing a high standard of customer service with 'down to earth' advice and suport.

One satisfied client writes: "Well you certainly couldn't go wrong with Geraldine Edwards ..." 
And another writes:

Hi Geraldine & Lisa,

Well this weather certainly sorts the men from the boys.  Talking of weather, we were at a house warming BBQ recently trying to find somewhere to shelter out of the rain and got stuck listening to my friend bemoaning the problems he had gone through selling his old house and buying this new one.  That, primarily, is the reason for this letter.  I mentioned your names to him and said that you had acted as our Real Estate Agent for three of the homes we had bought and sold, incident and trouble free, during our time in Whangarei.  Considering the problems they had encountered he was amazed to hear that, and we just seemed to drift into the details of those transactions.  By way of a comparison with his problems.

I told him that two of those sales were finalised by an unconditional sale agreement within 24 hours.  But sadly Geraldine and Lisa couldn’t make it three out of three.  My friend asked the obvious question.  “Why?”  “What went wrong with the third sale?”  And I just had to tell him, gosh, that sale took nearly 48 hours to reach the unconditional agreement stage!!  (But only because the buyer had to transfer some money from another account.)  Geraldine, I told my friend that both you and Lisa seem to have a list of Clients wanting to buy homes in Whangarei and the mistake he made was not contacting you in the first place and I was promptly reminded that Hindsight was a wonderful gift!!  But he agreed I was right and he certainly won’t make that mistake in future.

Looking back on that evening we considered ourselves very lucky indeed to have had the benefit of your services and your expert advice and help.

Regards to you both.

Sincerely, W Boyd
March 2012


  • 2016 - 2017 Executive Performer
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